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Transformer Oil Analysis


Emergency Testing

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oil analysis alert

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL: +91 9899792718 / 12

In case of emergency, NDL offers same day emergency DGA testing. We make sure you get the results you need within the shortest possible time frame.

Transformer Signature

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Establish the time-zero condition of your transformer with our Signature package.

The recommended Transformer oil tests in this package include:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Water content
  • Furan in oil
  • Inhibitor Content
  • ASTM package
  • PCB analysis
  • Power Factor 27°C and 90°C

Fault Determination

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This basic package is the first step when trying to locate and identify a specific transformer problem. The results from these Transformer oil tests allow you to determine what other tests need to be performed in order to have a clear understanding of your transformer’s actual condition.

The recommended tests in this package include:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Furan content
  • Water content
  • Metals in Oil

Routine Test

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It is recommended to perform routine tests at least once a year in order to monitor the health of your transformers. Faults can occur at any stage of your transformer’s life and evolve rapidly. Testing your transformers on a regular basis will allow you to detect any unforeseen change in the condition of your transformers.

The recommended tests in this package include:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Furan Content
  • BIS 1866 (8 tests)*

*Water Content, Tan Delta, Resistivity, Acidity, IFT, Flash Point, Sludge, Dielectric Strength

Factory Acceptance

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Throughout our two decades of existence, NDL has provided sub-ppm Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) services to most major transformer manufacturers in the world. When ordering a new transformer, specify NDL for heat run DGA test results.

The text below can be inserted in the appropriate clause of your specifications for new, refurbished or repaired transformers:


The appropriate low level Dissolved Gas Analyses (DGA) for this transformer shall be performed during heat run factory tests. All Transformer oil analysis tests  shall be performed by New Delhi Laboratories from Delhi, India.

Pre Commissioning

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When a new transformer is commissioned, NDL recommends that the following test package be performed immediately.

The recommended tests in this package include:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • ASTM Package
  • Oxidation Inhibitor
  • Water content
  • Power Factor 27°C and 90°C
  • Furan Content

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