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NDL New Delhi Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. offers the full range of analytical services for the quality assessment of dielectric fluids and early detection of incipient faults in oil-filled electrical equipments. Located in NEW DELHI, the specialized laboratory was established in 1991 as the first commercial laboratory to offer complete Transformer Care in India. The firm is serving to various Power Utilities, Power Project Companies and Industrial organizations, which are supplying, installing, Testing, Commissioning and maintaining the electrical transformers and substations

NDL is a well-equipped State-of-the art Laboratory leading POWER TRANSFORMERS & SUB STATION Testing & On-Site Maintenance Services to Industrial Clients all over India since 1991. The Scope of NDL services includes EHV & HV Substation Equipments as well as all kind  of Transformers & Switchgears namely, Power, Generator, Distribution Transformers, Relays, Panels, ACB, VCB, OCB, CT, PT, CVT, LA, Cables, Motors, etc. The NDL Services includes Annual Condition Monitoring, A.M.C for Complete Sub Station, Residual Life Assessment, Testing & Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance and latest Electrical Testing, as required by our clients.

NDL Laboratory has implemented Quality Management System according to ISO/IEC 17025  and accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) & performed tests on various industrial standards i.e. NABL, BIS, ASTM, and IEC

Over the year, NDL performed a reliable platform to its valuable clients providing efficient, prompt & accurate service. Customer requirements are thoroughly assessed in NDL to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.

In addition recently, NDL has made a Technical Collaboration with ‘National Institute of Technology’(NIT), Hamirpur to create a duly accredited State of the Art “Power Transformer Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Centre” to cater to the needs of Industry and Academia.

The company has grown up to be truly of National Nature as it is catering to the requirements of companies through out India, surpassing the Geographical Barriers. Over 400 customers are the backbone of the company those have given it Repeat business over the years due its professional competence.

The company is continuously on the rising trends and will definitely touch new Horizons in the years to come backed by its powerful workforce and those great clients feeling satisfied.

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